Why Use Augmented Reality


Over the last several years we have seen augmented reality (AR) technology transform many industries.

Sports, however, seemed to have shown little progress in that aspect. We use this technology through our Augmented Reality Tennis app in order to help users see, hear and feel negative and positive future consequences of their actions as if they’re occurring in the moment. This type of learning could help players and coaches in number of ways.

Engaging training sessions

AR technology can speed up learning by improving the experience, providing better visualization of the training session, and further engaging players and coaches. AR-based learning experience makes tennis learning easily consumable and enjoyable. Additionally, content, data and stats can be accessed via the app anytime by players and coaches through their mobile device.

Process visualization

When it comes to learning, nothing beats the hands on experience. That, however, is not always possible or practical. AR can help bring tennis training anywhere and still give players a visual while learning new skills or correcting a technical error. Our goal is to create non-practical experiences with users during tennis lessons, in an effort to retain what was taught during the lesson, at a higher rate.

Onboarding new tennis staff

AR experiences can be a great way to onboard new tennis staff by offering a more interesting and efficient way of learning about the tennis club, different tennis programs, schedules, and settle them into their new roles.