Augmented Reality Tennis

Introducing You to Tennis using Augmented Reality.
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Featured Videos

AR Tennis: Forehand Positioning

The 4th video focuses on controlling the middle of the court with the Forehand.

AR Tennis: Backhand & Different heights

The 3rd video focuses on targeting the backhand corner with different heights

Why Augmented Reality?

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the transformation of many industries via augmented reality (AR) technology. However, this progress has yet to materialize in the sports industry. With AR technology, we developed the Augumented Reality Tennis app to help users visualize their training sessions.


Problems That We Look To Solve

Much of today’s tennis learning revolves around old teaching methods where coaches deliver the lesson from across the net verbally, cumbersome physical targets or videos. Students can find this type of learning non engaging. With the speed at which technology is injected in our lives, it is important that sports training understands this movement and embraces it to better connect with players of all ages.  AR makes tennis learning more engaging for the student, therefore, speeding up their progression. It also gives coaches more “hands free” teaching (no need to write or draw things on a notepad or carry physical objects (cones, targets, etc.) to the court for a lesson. All you need is a Microsoft Hololens and the Augmented Reality Tennis app.

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